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Getting Around in Sheffield By Taxis and Trains

By- Julian Chok
Led you in easier to explore more places in Sheffield by travel alternative public transportations.

Other than buses, there are other public transportations such as taxi, trams, and trains in Sheffield too. This alternative has become a popular choice for passengers who are rushing to go somewhere and not wanting to waste their time travelling by bus.

Also, students in Sheffield are reluctant to spend their money to travel on public transportations because it is much more expensive than buses.

SWAG has experienced it and could bring you some useful guides to help you to reduce your travelling budget over here.


Taxi operates 24 hours a day and it’s the most expensive public transport among the others in Sheffield. In general, taxis are able to take 4 to 5 passengers at a time. And it’s worth it, if you divided the fare per person.  It’s not worth it, if you ride the taxi alone with no one to split the taxi fare with you.

Besides that, a taxi fare calculator component ensures a taxi is given fair price for the passengers. Once you are seated inside the taxi, the taxi fare calculator component will constantly count from £2 until reach your destination.

Some might worry about their safety while travelling on a taxi. Don’t worry, the taxis in Sheffield are safe as there are built in GPS technology to track all the taxis any time and anywhere.

Indeed riding a taxi is expensive, but it gets you to your destination, therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

For more information, you may refer to www.sheffieldcitytaxis.com or dial (0114) 2393939 for booking in advance.


If you have plans to travel around the UK, train transportation service is the main choice for you, because it is faster and saves up your precious time, compared if you travel by bus.

National Rail is known as the train service company in UK. The train services is available to go wherever cities in the UK. Many international students in Sheffield prefer travel by train around the UK.

A pre-master international student from SHU, Susan Song said: “I often travel by train. This is my first choice if I am going outside of Sheffield.”

However, you must pre-book your train ticket via http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ to get the cheaper tickets. The price will be more expensive if you are purchase the tickets in the ticket service centre.


As international students, if you travel frequently by train, you may apply the Railcard for only £28. Because you get to enjoy the 1/3 train ticket discounts.

Susan added: “Yes, Railcard is useful. Because, as students, you are bound to travel a lot, so it can save up your money, and provide you with a quality trip compare with other transports.”

But, if you are 26 years old and above, you are not allow to apply for the Railcard despite you are student, except if you apply for the group card, which must have 5 people and above in group.

To apply for the Railcard, you are required to show your identity card/passport, fill up a form and submit your passport size photo to attach onto the Railcard to make it easier for the ticket checker to operate their job inside the train. Hence, you must always bring along your Railcard when you want to travel by train.

A Malaysia international student, Chua Vipi, 22, is a Railcard user in Sheffield. She expressed that Raildcard is useful for her and helped her to save up on public transport.

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Getting Around in Sheffield By Buses

By- Julian Chok

“Helping to solve your Buses transportation problems in Sheffield.”

The public transports in Sheffield are very convenient and easy vehicles for every local citizen, foreigners, even students who are staying over here.

As a student, our SWAG experienced is that you will be reluctant to spend more money in unnecessary things in your daily life. And that, SWAG had provided some useful guidelines for you to know how to pay less for the public transport in Sheffield, as well as to save up your time.

Sheffield is city surrounded with different public transportation such as buses, Supertram, trains and taxis.



Need to get around the Sheffield city centre rapidly and easily? FreeBee bus is the right choice.

FreeBee bus is a public transport owned by the Travel South Yorkshire organisation. Mandeep Sohal, manager of Traveline organisation in Sheffield, said: “FreeBee bus service was launched on October 2007; the purposes of this free service is to help people to save cost and save them from walking around Sheffield, and also provide them an efficiency service.”

The FreeBee Bus will link to popular city centre locations for every 7 minutes from Sheffield interchange to the main city centre shopping areas, as well as Sheffield Hallam University.

The most importantly the FreeBee is a FREE bus service and it is operates from 0700 to 1900 weekdays, and 0800 to 1900 on Saturdays.

A pre-master student in SHU, Susan Song is a FreeBee bus user. She said: “Most of the time freebee is my first choice, if I am not going too far away from Sheffield.”

Below are the places to visit at each popular city centre locations:

1.Sheffield Interchange à 2.Flat Street à 3.Castle Street à 4.Norfolk Street à 5.Pinstone Street Town Hall à 6.Furnival Gate à 7.Charter Row à 8.Fitzwilliam Gate à 9.Eyre Street à 10. Furnival Street à 11.Sheffield Hallam University@ Sheffield Station

To find out more about FreeBee, you may visit the official website: www.travelsouthyorkshire.com or call Traveline on 01709515151.

The three main buses in Sheffield

If you have plans to study in Sheffield and you stay far away from your university. Don’t get too worried about it. There are many buses that let you to travel around the places you want to go.

The manager of Traveline organisation in Sheffield, Mandeep Sohal said: “There are 3 main different buses companies operating in Sheffield city, those are FIRST, Stagecoach and TM Travel. These buses give the best transportation services to the passengers in Sheffield.”


FISRT operates 7 days a week. One of the best things about this bus service is that it offers student fares to those who hold a University ID card. With that, you’ll be able use the bus services with special student discounts.

International student, Susan Song says that the bus fare is cheaper with a student card. FIRST provide student fare from only just 50 pence per way for each student.

If you are frequently traveling by bus, you may purchase the package of unlimited weekly, monthly, even annually travels on FIRST buses service. You can rely on FIRST to go any places you want for the whole period. The prices depend on which packages you buy and which location you are on.

You may also purchase the ticket via online booking:

For student you may visit: https://www.firstgroup.com/students/buy.php.


Another bus option for students is TM TRAVEL in Sheffield. Students are allowed to use the TM TRAVEL bus service for only 60 pence, just show your University student ID to driver and that’s it.

TM TRAVEL also provides the package of unlimited one day and weekly travels for passengers’ convenient. These packages are there to help save up money for those passengers who frequently travels by bus.

Andrew Bromley, 33, from Leeds, a SHU student support staff said: “TM TRAVEL buses have a long history in the UK since 1995 and because of that, TM TRAVEL is reliable and they manage to provide good service for us.”

If you would like to search out more about the bus routes, you may visit http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/bus-times/south-yorkshire/ for more details.


Stagecoach is a bus company which is the same as Supertram as well. Stagecoach consists of two types of packages, which are Megarider and Unirider.

Students studying in Sheffield, Unirider package is the ideal package for you to travel around in Sheffield. This package is available for buses and Supertram transportations.

However, Unirider ticket cannot be transferred and you must always have your university student ID to show to the driver when you’re traveling with these vehicles. It cost 95pence for a day and you can go wherever places you want.

If you are traveling the bus for a single journey, you can just purchase the one-way ticket which cost 60pence.

This Unirider ticket is available for the routes on services, which are 20/20A, 25, 35A, 43A, 52, 58, 78, 70, 83, 87, 88/88A, 120, 123, X57.

If you want to pre-book your bus ticket, you may visit http://www.stagecoachbus.com/ for further details.

Andrew Bromley is also a bus user in Sheffield. He said the buses today in Sheffield provides better quality service than before.

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Free activities in just walking distance: Heeley City Farm

By- Kok Wei

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Farm visit might be something that you want to do during the summer. It is the perfect time to have a look at real live animals like sheeps and chickens, all running around in an open area.

Hidden in the heart of city centre, Heeley City Farm is about 1 mile away from the city centre. If you were to walk, it’ll only take less than 30 minutes.

Best of all, the farm is admission.

A trio of students from University of Sheffield, Stefanie Perouis (22), Holly Jayne Eldridge (23) and Rumana Kamal (23) admitted that they enjoyed visiting the farm.

Hidden in the housing area, Heeley City Farm is just right beside of the main road that heads down to the district of Heeley.  It is covered by trees and you will not realize it if you are not looking for it.

Stefanie said, “It was the first time we visit this place. We didn’t know that there’s such a nice place and we are just staying nearby.”

There is so much to explore in the farm where visitors get to feed the animals and the farm sells vegetables that they grow.

Sarah, 25, a part-time worker in the farm said that, “Normally if the weather’s not raining, the animals are walking around the field, during spring season there are a lot of baby animals.”

“You just need to spend 20 minutes of walking from Sheffield City Centre, it is a worth place to visit because it’s free admission,” said Perouis.

There has been a lot of event being held throughout the years. The next coming event is festival show on 19th September, and Christmas fair is coming soon during spring season



To make your experience more exciting, why not register yourself as a volunteer.

“We welcome all international student to join volunteers work as well, anyone who’s interested to help can contact office,” said Sarah.

Volunteers will be given a choice of either working in the garden centre or with the animals.

However, it will be based on personal interest and skills that one has.

“We have a lot of students coming in during the summer and school holidays. They will be given different position to help out in the farm,” said Sarah.

In the garden centre, volunteers will be carrying tasks to help maintain the garden. They will help in watering the plant, sowing and also repairing or renewing the gardening site. In the farm, volunteers normally carry out tasks such as feeding, egg collecting and cleaning animal houses.

Volunteering jobs will be the best way to get closer to the animals and it’ll definitely make the visit a lot more memorable.

For more information refer to http://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/index.php?id=volunteering



Dated back in 30 years ago, there was a motorway project planned to be built in Heeley. Houses were demolished to clear out space for the project.

However, there were complaints from the locals and the project was stopped. Locals then decided to transform the land into a city farm where people could come and have fun.

Want to know more about the farm? Do visit their website Heeley City Farm

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9.30am to 5pm


Heeley City Farm,
Richards Road,
S2 3DT


It is encouraged to walk or cycle to the farm. The farm is a short walk from the city centre with less than 30 minutes. If you would like to get more information on the walking direction, click here.



It is advisable to use the public transport as there were limited parking area around the Prospect road and Anns Road.


From the Sheffield city centre take bus 33 (Arundel Gate interchange) or 47 (interchange) and getting off at prospect road. For further information, do refer to the Travel South Yorkshire or a bus timetable.


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Efficiency of management staff in student accommodation

By- Ken Koo


Staying in a student’s accommodations seem to be an ideal and convenient place for international students that travel to UK to further studies, because it provides all the necessary facilities that a student needs to live comfortably in the UK.

In a student’s accommodations, we as students will expect to have efficient services from the management and not all places tend to provide good services for students during their stay.  There were complaints from an international student staying at Victoria Hall one of the student accommodations, Beatriz Baptista 22 years old from Portugal doing her MA in Sport Journalism had faced problems during her stay.

“I had certain conflicts with the management in Victoria Hall as they asked me to pay for the hobs for 40 pounds which I believe I didn’t spoilt.” Beatriz unhappily quoted.

However on another positive note from Beatriz, “The maintenance team was quite efficient in doing their jobs and I think I am satisfied with the accommodation services in Victoria Hall.”

Even a student from Opal One, another student accommodation tend to had problem with the inefficiency of the maintenance team that tend to delay the work and caused her to suffered with the refrigerator problems.

Justina Tan, 22 years old from Malaysia speaking out of her problem during the interview



She believes that the maintenance team were lack of sufficient effort in looking into a problems, she insist that they can be improve as she mention,

“Basically when a complaint is launch, the maintenance people should look into an aspect in more detail and don’t assume then dismiss the matter.”

Vipi Chuah, 22 years old a Malaysia student from Charlotte Court does have lots of complaint regarding to her accommodations, she think that Charlotte is not an ideal place for students to live as the services are bad and problems takes too long to be solve.

“I receive not enough laundry tokens and it caused me and course mates not being able to do our laundry for 2 weeks and the water pipe in our kitchen broke out and we suffered 7 weeks of cold water until it was fixed.”

There are also students’ accommodations that provide good services such as The Trigon and The Forge, the students staying right in those places tend to provide positive response over the accommodation services and they seem to be satisfied with the maintenance team for being efficient.

Thomas Yee highly recommended that future students who want to come over to Sheffield should stay at The Forge as the management and maintainers team are efficient in doing their job.



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Sheffield Jubilee Fayre: Traveling back to a historical moment

By- Ken Koo

History and culture of Sheffield may just blow you over by big explosion at Norfolk Heritage Park by the 2012 Sheffield Jubilee Fayre in its 11th successful year.

This free entry and two days event featuring living historical events that made an attraction to all ages of people, the event also offered entertainment which is the traditional fairground attractions, market stalls and even fruit picking competition.

All the historic tools such as swords, utensils, armors and thing that not from this era could be found in the stall set up like a camp, people does dress like one of those in the medieval age where it re-enact the history.

This major two days event brings back memories and spread words to the younger generations of those that had sacrifice their life to bring peace to the country.

Volunteers were participating in the show by using props, costumes and replicas from the past to bring more lively performance for their audiences.

The organizer Howard Giles mention that volunteers help to contribute a lot in this events by showing people all the props from the ancient time,

“The volunteers buy all the stuff themselves and its expensive actually, they love it and willing to spend the money then go out to put on a show behalf of others.” He said

Howard  added: “ Volunteers also set up camps and dress in costumes then they will sleep and live in it and show it to the public how people live 150 years ago.”

By using devices to put on big explosion during the show tend to provide special effect for the audiences and the money that used in the explosion was mostly donated by people.

It was a successful event that manages to attract nearly 20,000 people over the two days at Norfolk Park to watch the historical re-enactment of the ancient time.

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Staying healthy this summer: Step up at Sheffield Sport Hallam

By- Jun Ning
What will the cold weather, delicious food and the constant ever growing pile of assignments do to the international student? The rising of body weight!

Just imagine, cold weather will make you feel hungrier, thus u eat more than you normally would, and with all the deadlines for assignments, you probably won’t have time for exercising.

How about we find out how Sheffield Hallam University international student maintain their weight and kill time by exercising. Where are the places they can go for some fitness regime?

Cherry Kam, a Malaysian, majoring in BA HON PR&MEDIA said: “Sport Hallam of SHU is the best place to go!”

“Many people told me, you will gain weight in UK because of cold weather, it makes you eat a lot. Then I think, since I have 4 months here, why don’t I join Sport Hallam to exercise.”

Sport Hallam is part of SHU student services and offer sport and fitness opportunities to support healthy lifestyle for all students.

They have special promotion for summer school students, which students can choose how many months they go and pay 47pence per day.

Cherry explained: “I pay 34 pounds for two and a half month, within this period; I can go every day or even 5 times per day if I want.”

She thinks it is a reasonable price even comparing with Malaysia fitness centre. The services provided are excellent. “They have TV and motivation music all over the gym, some of the exercise equipment even have small screen for user exercise and watch movie at the same time!”

Every member has to make an appointment and join the gym tour because Sport Hallam has to ensure every member know the usage and correct way of using the equipment.

Cherry Kam agreed: “Although some of us know how all those equipment works, but the trainer persist us to join because safety first.”



Loh Kang Wei, age 22 and Kwan Chee Lum, age 23 who are now studying BA HONS business with logistic & supply chain management also agreed that Sport Hallam provided satisfaction services with reasonable price.

Loh Kang Wei added: “In peak hours you may have to wait for a while, but the overall facilities is good.”

Kwan Chee Lum is also a regular swimmer in Malaysia, he swim at Sheffield “Ponds Forge” several times, but the high entry fees had stopped him.

“Ponds Forge have Olympic standard swimming pool and the gym facilities is good, but we have to pay 4 pounds per entry which is a bit expensive for us.”

He added: “I saw once the Canadian Synchronized swimming team practicing at Ponds Forge. It shows the quality of Ponds Forge standard is internationally being recommended.”

If you don’t like gym or indoor exercise, there are some free outdoor sport activities in Sheffield, such as table tennis, football and basketball.

There are more than 30 table tennis table in Sheffield from Sheffield Cathedral to the Winter Gardens. There are outdoor and provided free bat and ball at the table.  Find the nearest tables by going to the website.

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Firsthand experience of Sri Lanka student in Sheffield

By- Jun Ning

“Kohomade macang” (Hello buddy, how are you doing?)

“Oya madaselemugotarayani” (Hi, how are you doing?)


Every year, there are hundreds of Sri Lanka students coming to Sheffield to further their studies. Why do they want to come here? What are the difficulties they’ve faced in Sheffield?

Here we have Indeepa Chanaka Weerawardana, a Sri Lanka student who is now studying Information Technology in Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) Summer Semester Program.

When Indeepa was 13 years old, he was an ordinary student who study in Sri Lanka and didn’t have any plans or dreams.

It was a sudden change, when his aunt told him some story about the UK, such as the life in the UK, people’s lifestyle, the scenery and landscape, the climate and job opportunities available in the UK.

He knew where he will be after he graduates from his secondary school, which is to study in the Sri Lanka Institute of information technology (SLIIT) and study master program in SHU.

“Now my dream has come true, I am studying a summer program and I think I am qualified to study the master program in SHU.” He said with a big smile.

Not every student and his family in Sri Lanka can afford to further their studies overseas, because of high threshold of financial and academic result.

Even if you have excellent grades in your qualification; you may not have the chance to study at overseas because of high living expenses.

“My father is a civil engineer and my mother is a secondary school teacher. I think we are considering upper middle class in Sri Lanka. My sister is following my brother in law; they are now in London because he is studying MBA.”

Family is an important support for Indeepa, he loves them and he is always chatting with them almost twice a day by using Skype.



Except the support and encouragement from his family members, there is a girl who has always been supporting his decisions, which is his girlfriend.

“I almost chat with her every day, although we have 4 hours time’s differences between Sheffield and Sri Lanka. She is important to me. Thanks to technology like Skype and Facebook, we can maintain our relationship.”

“Actually, I miss everyone in Sri Lanka, my family, girlfriend and friends! I really miss them! I plan to go back Sri Lanka when I free, maybe semester break or when I have any free time, maybe this Christmas.”


There is another thing that Indeepa misses as well, apart from his family and girlfriend, which is the spicy Sri Lanka Food.

“It’s hard to find original and good taste of Sri Lanka food in Sheffield. It reminds me when we first came SHU. University provided us some sandwich and cold rice; it is really weird and not our type of foods.”

He also added: “Actually, I hope I can add one or two spoonful of chilli powder in every dish I have in UK.”



When people first came to Sheffield, they were always surprised by the English accent of the people. Indeepa was one of those facing some difficulties in understanding Sheffield accent.

“Sometimes in class, we really cannot understand what the lecturer is talking about. But, they are very kind and always repeat one more time for us.”

He added: “I feel that English people are very friendly and patient to us when we ask for help, but sometimes the young people are not. They are more like in their world and don’t like be disturb”

Although facing difficulties in communicating, but Indeepa is confident that when it comes to the master program which he has to communicate with English student or other international student. “Although now I am studying with a Sri Lanka friend, but I think I can cooperate with locals student or other international student. I am looking forward to it.”

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Aids for Sheffield Hallam’s international students

By- Ken Koo

Andrew Bromley- A International Student Support Officer at Sheffield Hallam University





International support at the Sheffield Hallam University do provide help for foreign students to overcome their trouble and problems, therefore 33 year old,  Andrew Bromley, from Leeds works as a part of the Student Support Crew and he has almost five years of experience in facing issues to do with international students.


In the Student Support Department, there are only seven people working as a team and Andrew’s job is to deal with the arrival of the international students. While others will deal with publication and even as immigration advisors, weekend trips and events were organize by the team as it will help the international students to make new friends and socialize.


Andrew encourages all international students: “Be open minded and get involved in activities”

So that students will able to adapt to the new environment and able to further their studies abroad in more comfortable ways, then through Andrew; students will have guidance during their stays in Sheffield, UK.

“I believe to have the best job in the world” said Andrew Bromley.

If you want to know more about Andrew, he is a great student support staff that love to meet people from around the world, socializing is one of his specialties as it is just something that he loves doing and he feels great to able to help others not because of his job, but his personality.


“I always wanted to work in a University, I get paid to do something that I like and it just makes me enjoy my job even more” said Andrew.

The estimated statistics of international students coming to Sheffield Hallam University each year is 4000 and the increases of students that arrived in Sheffield Hallam this year were mostly from the summer school and the majority of them are from Malaysia that are taking their degree levels.

There are also 700 new international students practising their masters’ level over in Sheffield Hallam and the majority of them are from China, therefore the English language class are taken by the Chinese students for 3 months before they can proceed to their masters.


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A wonderful seaside and a city full of fun: Blackpool

By- Julian Chok

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Sheffield- the city of steel is known as the green structure city in the UK and much of the city is built on hillsides. The roads of this city are quite laid down and it is located at the confluence of rivers Sheaf and Don.

After the industrial revolution, Sheffield hasn’t got much excitements and fun entertainment for people other than casinos, small size arcades, bars, pubs, Meadowhall Shopping Mall or a visit to a countryside farm. So if international students would like to travel outside of Sheffield, maybe go to the beach during the summer, then Blackpool would be the perfect destination.

Blackpool is a city that has a unique seafront for the experience of some beach fun, and also a huge amusement park called Pleasure Beach, with has one of the tallest, fastest steepest roller coaster rides in the world- the Pepsi Max Big One.

Blackpool is well-known as an entertainment and enjoyable place. It has been a popular choice for many people over the years in UK. As international students furthering their studies in Sheffield, you have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and endless seascape in Blackpool by following the tour organised by the Student Union or other travel agency such as Tong Hang. Blackpool is located on the far-north western side of England in the county of Lancashire.



Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower is an iconic symbol of the North West of England, the Blackpool City. The height of this tower consists of 518 feet 9 inches. It’s been said that the Blackpool Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Now the Blackpool Tower contains loads of fun entertainment, such as the Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Aquarium and many others. For any pre-book tickets, you may visit the webpage of the Blackpool Tower.

If you’re feeling stressful from having massive assignments workload, the wonderful seaside outlook is the best place for you to release stress. You can enjoy the beautiful seaside while listening to the soothing sound of the ocean waves.

Blackpool visitor named Kyle, 26, a student who’s studying in the University of Leeds. Kyle said: “Blackpool is such a fantastic place for me, and I enjoy that the beach and the amusement park!”

However, because Sheffield does not have a proper beach front and amusement parks, so in conjunction with the seaside of Blackpool, the “Sheffield by the Seaside”was launched in Peace Garden, in the City Centre of Sheffield. The event was created so that everyone in Sheffield especially the children could experience some seaside fun.



Sheffield does not have Madame Tussauds gallery for people to visit. Therefore, you must go visit the Madame Tussauds located in Blackpool city.

This gallery is full of creative waxworks such as Queen Elizabeth II, the England football player Steven Gerrard and others famous celebrities.

The ticket prices will be different if you pre-book through the official website- Madame Tussauds Blackpool



As the international students who are interested in Barclays Premier League (BPL), you must not miss out the Blackpool Football Club which has qualified in the BPL last season; this would makes every football lovers more interested in visiting the Blackpool Football Club while they are in Blackpool.

The SWAG Team also explored the Blackpool Football Club and we found an old time football fan named Ken, age 79, from Blackpool. He said: “I’m a loyal football fan of Blackpool Football Club. I started to like the Blackpool Football Club when I was a just a child because I am a resident of Blackpool city.”

Ken, 79, recommended that the international students must come to Blackpool for trip as you will enjoy the fresh environment and views of seaside which you seldom can find in Sheffield.

Blackpool is such a dream place for you to relax if you feel tired or stress out in your studies. Hence, don’t miss out of this place when you’re in Sheffield furthering your studies.


Blackpool is a wonderful place that you’ll never regret being there. It is the perfect place for international students to just chill and relax, to get away from all the assignments and exam pressure. It’s definitely worth a visit, to experience the beach front and amusement park in which something that Sheffield doesn’t really have.


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A Sheffield weekend escape: Surprise View

By- Kok Wei


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Looking for something a little different this summer? How about spending a day exploring the countryside with some hiking?

Situated in the Northern Lake district with a bus distance of 30 minutes, Surprise View is the perfect spot for hiking.

Amazing scenery along the journey, every step you take, brings you up to the hills with more and more incredible view.

It may be a difficult task for some people, as hiking takes up a lot of energy. But seeing the stunning scenery, you might just forget about your weariness and instantaneously fall in love with the surroundings.

With 6 years of hiking experience, Branden Cunny, 37 said that he likes to hike. “Hiking is amazing. You can explore something different which you will never experience from the city.”

If you are new to hiking, Branden advised that you should bring along a map and a compass, to avoid getting lost.



If you fancy exploring more, you can spend another 2 hours in exploring the great view at Wantendlath.

You’ll never get lost, as your hiking journey will start and end at the same place with the best view of all-Surprise View.

Therefore, you’ll get a chance to enjoy those amazing views over Derwenter twice.

It just takes some time and energy to complete the journey by following the quiet road in a southerly direction on towards the hamlet of Watendlath from Surprise View’s car park.

You’ll get to see the most photographed bridge in Lakeland, Ashness Bridge during the journey. So never forget to get your camera ready.

Here’s a MAP, if you would like to know more about the journey




First Yorkshire Ltd/272 – £3 for single journey/£5.50 for return ticket

The bus will be stopping at the Surprise View Car Park, a station after passing by Fox House.

Do check online for further details to ensure that you know where to stop.



If you drive from Sheffield toward Hathersage road, you will pass the Fox House Inn, longshaw and Lawrence Field probably without really noticing unless you are looking for them. Once you’ve pass by Fox House, you are about there and start looking for the Surprise View’s car park.


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